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Missing actions in big flows

I’m having some minor issues on my bigger flows. They some times miss a few actions, and it feels quite random if and which it misses.

Most of my bigger flows are sun down/up and sleep mode. During this times I can have 15-20 different “then” in the flows. Most of them are HUE “set a scene” or HUE “turn all lights off in a room”. But there also are a few qubino flush relays that gets turned on/off, as well as TV/speakers turned off.

So for example, when our “sleep-mode” is triggered, TV should shut down, most lights should turn off, and some lights in the garden & windows should be set at a special scene. But some times it misses to turn the lights off in one room.

Someone else with similar problems and that have a good solution/workaround?
I’ve thought about triggering the actions twice (i e triggering the flow again a few seconds after the first), but it just feels a bit to dirty.

I’ve not been able to track it down fully, if it’s just HUE actions that sometimes gets missed, or if it’s just the fact that 90% of all the actions are related to them and it feels that way. I have also tried to delay a few of the actions by a few seconds, my theory being that to many where being performed at once, and some of them could time out, but that did not change anything.

Dont put to much actions in the “and” colum.

Better to use make some other flows wich you start with “start this flow”

Thats actually what I’ve done. The problem is that some of these individual commands run by this flow printscreened below gets missed some times. This particular flow sets a few lights, and turns off a few. This flow runs every day, and about 1-3 times a week, one of all the commands run by this flow gets missed.

Break it down into a few flows… one for hue, and another for switches etc…
then spaced each in intervals of 1 sec.
I sometimes have devices miss the shut down command so I repeated the flows just in case.

Its should be easier but with the amount of devices, breaking it down is also easier as I can use these flows globally for other flows…

I have a flow called Power Down Global

Here I break it down into wired and wireless devices… I repeat the flows for redundancy, spacing it slightly longer apart.

There is a device card to “shut off all devices” but I find some devices tend to be missed out. Instead I turn them off by zones and space it 1 sec apart and they are working flawlessly for my case.

I have another for devices not on switches so these take care of them…

works great for me…

It could be network issues also when u sent a few commands back to back to the hue bridge. I experience that using the hue app too… did u try the “All lights” card for the hue app? If not, u have to sequence the shut down and spaced the commands 1 sec apart.

I too have seen similar behaviour with my ‘bedtime’ and ‘sleeptime’ flows missing some lights, I have been putting it down to z-wave issues.

I’ll try breaking mine down like the suggestions, and also put in some delays between and see what happens.

Thx for the suggestion viix. I think I’ll build in some redundancy in to my flows as well then, cannot see a better way.

As of now, I just have one big chain of flows that is called “set standard lightning”. It will go through a long series of if/then checking if we are home/away, sleep/awake day/night, one a sleep one away/awake etc… Then it sets the lightning we want in each situation. So when a state changes, for example, someone comes home, the “set standard lightning” is called.
All this is working flawlessly, it’s just the occasional single room that misses command.
I’ll start by running the action twice, a few seconds apart. If that not helps (it should), I’ll again start to separate all the commands to run a few seconds a part too.

thx again for you extensive explanation for how you worked around this problem @viix

Just a quick update. Re-running my flows a second time didn’t help to much. The scenarios still missed a few commands quite often. I’ve now broken up the big flows in to many smaller flows instead, which i also run twice with a few seconds in between, as you’ve done @viix, and my first test seems to solve the problem. Will report back again if needed.

Even though I haven’t done any extensive troubleshooting, some commands go missing when too much is tried over the z-wave network at the same time. My flows contained up to 20 commands to run simultaneously. Now I ahve 4-5 per flow instead, and everything is run with a second or two in between