Minimum and Maximum temperature during the day - Get a Notification

I would like a Flow that sends me an email at midnight about the hottest temperature that has been during the day according to the Netatmo outdoor sensor. Does anyone know how to do it.

Something like


Or using Insights trends, where you can calculate whatever you wish :slight_smile:



I’m using also something like this, but why set it 0:00 to -237 ?
Doing so will ruining the scale of your (normal) insights (my opinion).

Here I’m setting it to the actual temperature, so the scale is not way of the scale and you can see temperatures better in this range.

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Which insights? :wink: This is the internal variable and no need to use it in insights.
About absolute zero - this is because after that virtually any regular measurement will be “hotter” and will set as the new value - the highest value ( so far ) for day.
Yes, of course there may use also current value. This is my own … let’s say oddity, to use code with minimal cost. Finding current temperature costs something - ok, here it’s only to find out the current sensor and his value ( not an big deal - especially for once in day ). Another thing - to make code little bit more universal. If we need it for another temperature, we must change sensor only in one place ( not in the “find current temperature on THIS sensor” ). The variable name is another theme of course.
And last… khmm, to see, if the things are working. If You see in dayly reports such temp. I think, You are start checking, why the changes does not update the maximum in logic.

I think you mean -273° then, instead of -237. :wink:
That is the absolute zero in Celcius…


Yep, You’re right. My bad :face_exhaling:

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Can you give me some exampels on howe to yuse isihgt to show Netatmo max temp.?

For example :


Adjusted Topic Title:
from: Max temp during the day. I don’t understand the logic choises, can you explain more?
to: Minimum and Maximum temperature during the day - Get a Notification

I would like to receive an email from Homey at midnight with information on what the day’s maximum and my temperature have been according to the Netatmos outdoor module, can anyone explain?

Afaik not possible as the min and max from NetAtmo are not available in the Homey device.

I also think it isn’t available in the Api so what you see in the NetAtmo app cannot be read by Homey directly as it is only available in the historical data.

Guess you need to find out in flows a minimum and maximum each day and send and reset that at midnight.

Do you know if there is any way to use Insights to get Homey to send an email with the max or min temp for that day? The data is saved in Insights in any case.

Ther is not native from Homey, but i guess it is possible from

Llike mentioned here Minimum and Maximum temperature during the day - Get a Notification - #9 by Sharkys

Btw it is already answered here also

Netatmo - Night lowest temp - #2 by Marcel_Ubels

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For the ‘send by email’ part: enter email in store search bar and see what happens

For questions around the Netatmo specific please use the [APP] Netatmo - Same home, just smarter. (by Athom)

you could use 2 variables min and max and when “temp” changes you see if it’s GT max or LT min and replace min/max accordingly

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Merged as this is just the same question again:

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