Migrating from coco /kaku ics 2000 to homey: how complex?

hi there, i currently use the ics2000 as my main hub to control a mixture of coco/kaku built-in switched , lifx lamps, innr zigbee bulbs, somfy blinds… all integrated with alexa.
i tried to replace the whole thing with smartthings, but did not see the benefit since i still needed to keep the ics to control the built-in coco/kaku awmd-250 dimmers.
so i stopped using smartthings (i l don’t have any z-wave products)

i am wondering whether replacing everything my hub with homey will:

  • provide me with a nice interface than the (crap) kaku/trust one
  • make the integration faster and response time faster (alexa takes its time to turn off the lights)
    and most importantly, i would like to know if i need to reinstall everything in order to migrate from my current setup. (ie, do i need to put everything back in discovery mode??)

i currently have integrated and functionning:
2 kaku light bulbs
4 kaku awmd-250 dimmers
1 kaku blind controller
1 somfy blind controller (zigbee)
4 innr gu10 zigbee lamps
2 innr zigbee lamps
4 lifx bulbs
1 kaku wall switch
fibaro dimmer bypass (various)
ring pro
alexa (various)
samsung tv
harmony remote
various kaku wall switches and remotes

can someone help me justify my purchase?