Kasa KP200 Wall Outlets and HS300 Power Strip Support for Homey Pro 2023

I have been able to connect a few other Kasa WiFi devices with the official app but the Kasa KP200 Wall Outlets and HS300 Power Strip.

Is there a timeframe for supporting these products as well?

Thank you
Using Homey Pro in the USA

It’s unlikely it will be updated in the near(-ish) future, this app was developed by Athom and they’ve basically given up on maintaining the apps that they created.

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Thanks Robert.

I hope they will update their apps. Seems to me if they want adoption here in the US, integrations with top device suppliers would be key.

So far we’ve been pretty successful with adding our devices, z-wave, Zigbee, Matter and Wi-fi via apps. There are definitely some devices in Z-Wave and Zigbee that behave wrong but for the most part they work.

We are at 55+ devices and growing.

Take care

This is very upsetting. I thought the homey pro was the “ultimate” home hub. We have about 5 HS300 and if they are not supported this thing is going back for refund ASAP.

You know I haven’t tried to pair up the hs300, we have one. Will be interesting to see what homey sees wrt to the multi switch.
Btw we have almost our whole house on homey. That’s over 45 zwave, 7 zigbee.
Just third reality, ecolink and Zooz to go plus the hs300 (we only have one so worse case would just replace it)
Btw the flows are amazing. Definitely good flexibility there. I did an initial unboxing and early review and ver on AppMyHome, with the list of devices at the end of the video.

I am more concerned with the “Official” apps and the seem of lack to want to update them for new devices. Maybe they hope someone will do an unofficial app and do the heavy lifting.

I test home devices constantly. Most very new. Its the lack of easy updates that is concerning. I’ll give it a day or two of tinkering. Maybe i’m just missing something.

Not one hub / controller is perfect for you or me as individual.
Imho Homey is in general not really quick (understatement) regarding to support the latest gear out there. It can take a year or longer, or no one adds support in the end.

I’m a happy camper since I run Home Assistant next to Homey, with an old €50,- NUC and a €20,- zigbee dongle. Yes, a lot of extra money, but worth every penny imho!

Homey is still my main controller, but HA provides for the newer devices to add to Homey. Of course also with HA not just everything is supported.

We run homey pro 2023, smartthings hub, smartthings station and homeseer.

I’m fairly pleased with homey. Still those other devices that aren’t ported use the other hubs.

Plus alexa.

Hi Mark, Watch your Y/T channel a lot! Thanks for the reviews. Since you also run Homeseer (I use Homeseer HS3) in your opinion will the Homeypro work with some of the legacy Homeseer z-wave compatible products? I’d hate to just throw out bulbs and motion sensors that still work. I have the Ecolink z-wave+ motion sensor and Linear z-wave smart bulbs. May be a long shot, but any experience using those legacy products from Homeseer with the HomeyPro ? tyia

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So we have ecolink sensors too. Like 6 of them. Unfortunately ours are ancient and do not work ( Model:PIR-ZWAVE2 Z-WAVE PIR SENSOR). I’ve spoken to them about it and they said the developers would need to add the old model. To date that has not happened. That said yours may be newer and may work. Keep in mind ecolink only recently released the driver. We ended up parking ours and picked up a bunch of third reality zigbee motion sensors that run on regular aaa batteries. They work great. Your can buy in a bundle and save money.
As for your bulbs linear does not have a driver yet. That said I would try their generic zwave driver - just select homey and zwave at device setup.
To date we now have Homeseer disconnected and most smartthings attached devices onto homey.
Except for continuing slow response with zwave devices homey pro appears a winner. Really like it.
So maybe you can run like us with two hubs while you wait for the homey ecosystem to catch up. I can say we pushed homey on Zooz, third reality and ecolink and their partner team delivered. So hang in there.

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And thank you for watching and following us. That is really cool.

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Hi, folks. I’m a new Homey Pro user and new to this forum. Also new to home automation, so I’m still figuring things out.

I have been able to connect two Kasa HS300 and one KP303 power strips to my Homey Pro in the US. They work okay. Some outlets connect just fine and can be controlled through the My Homey website and the Homey iPhone app, but others don’t work at all and instead show a “Device Unavailable / Rate Limited” error message.

I also have those plug bars. My devices are behind tables and under beds, but the errors come and go and appear to work “OK”. Whenever I use the KASA app to check on the outlets, when I get an error in Homey they are working fine with the app, though a little slow. commands with Alexa work ok as well.