Migratie Homey (Pro) (Pre-2023) naar Homey Pro (Early 2023)

Ik heb nu een Homey Pro 2019 en heb de nieuwe Homey Pro 2023 besteld ( maar nog niet binnen ),
ik wil de back-up van de 2019 overzetten naar de 2023, maar stel je eens voor dat het niet werkt zoals ik wil, om wat voor reden dan ook, kan ik dan gewoon mijn 2019 weer in het stopcontact drukken, zodat alles werkt weer zoals vanouds ? of is als ik de back-up op de 2023 heb gezet de 2019 volledig buiten werking gezet ?

Volgens mij z’n beetje hetzelfde als voorheen,

Alleen als je Zigbee devices re-paired aan Homey Pro Early 2023 zijn ze hun koppeling met het oude Zigbee netwerk kwijt.
En enkele oude Apps kunnen natuurlijk een issue geven op de nieuwe Homey maar dat is een bekend iets, kun je zien voor je start.

Verder natuurlijk afwachten tot de release, dan pas is duidelijk wat de resultaten zijn.

Dat re-pairen van Zigbee-apparaten houdt in dat je ze opnieuw in koppelmodus zet en verbindt met de Homey, toch? Moet je alle flows waar die apparaten inzitten dan ook repareren? Dat wordt dan nog een fijne klus :).

Heb er helaas nog geen ervaring mee en geen praktijk bevindingen hierover gelezen, maar Athom geeft aan dat je alleen je Zigbee devices opnieuw moet pairen en dat daarmee vanzelf je flows weer worden hersteld met de juiste devices/action cards.
Je Flows hoef je dus niet ook nog es te repareren is het idee.

Oké, als dat zo is, maakt het de klus iets minder groot. Ik wacht wel even bevindingen af voordat ik 'm bestel. Kun je ook ergens zien welke apparaten allemaal via Zigbee verbonden zijn?


Mochten de flows toch wel gerepareerd moeten worden, dan is dat een minder groot probleem:


Oh, dat valt mee. Ik dacht dat KlikAanKlikUit ook via Zigbee gaat, maar die staan er gelukkig niet tussen :smiley:

Is there a preferred topic for issues migrating from Pro 2016/2019 to Pro 2023? Or do we need to start one.

In particular I am interested in how to keep running my old Pro 2016 to keep support for Apps that haven’t been updated, and what the possibilities there are to use widgets that are a combination of both Homeys.
How might things like HomeKitty and Alexa skills work with two Homeys. And I’m sure there will be many other scenarios which need to be worked through.

Should work, as long as each instance of HomeKitty is “unique” (that is, you can’t restore a backup from the HP16 to the HP23 and then run HomeKitty from that, you need to do a full reset on one of the Homey’s).

The forum is a community forum, not actively followed by Athom, so not the best place to put issues about Homey Pro 2023 on.
If you have issues then there will be a support link in the mobile app where you then can report any issues on.

I was thinking more as a tutorial / discussion of experiences and challenges rather than support issues. There seems to be very little written about members migration experiences, and very little documentation written by Athom. I have raised this with them.

Also; I have read very little about users (developer) experience with upgrading from the current Homey Pro to Homey Pro 2023 by restoring a backup.

Anyone having any experience with it?

Some speculation, but I think this is the case for most developers.

There have been a few people that have migrated (not many known), but most just haven’t done so cause they really are dependent on their current Homey (like me), if it goes wrong it is pretty hard to revert back to sphere Homey Pro without having to re-do lots of things and repair flows.
Being that you need to re-pair all zigbee devices in Homey Pro (Early 2023), even if that doesn’t/shouldn’t break any flows, trying to revert because something doesn’t work yet, like any ikea remote (see latest blog post why), does break all your flows that has those zigbee devices.

With the current software state also not being fully up to par, the drive to immediately migrate isn’t there either as most are developers just used it as developing platform, that was Athom’s intention anyways, hence sending out to developers first.
Hence also why Athom stated in their last blog post:

When you receive Homey Pro, you can expect a working product, but I’d like to remind you that it is still Early Access, so bugs will happen. Simply report them and they’ll probably be solved in the next daily update.
I do want to highlight one thing that’s still being worked on, and that is that some Zigbee remotes (e.g. IKEA) depend on a feature called group messaging. These group messages aren’t working yet with the new Zigbee chip, but luckily our engineers have worked together with Silicon Labs to find a way to make it work! It’s not yet ready but will be quite soon, so keep that in mind when deciding to go all-in or wait a few weeks before migrating to the new Homey Pro.


Fortuantly, i don’t have any zigbee.
I haven’t migrated permanently yet, there’s a few apps not done yet.

However, i did try a few a test migrations, and a very big part of all flows and devices worked just as the should.
There were still a few apps (some of my own) not working yet, but for the most part, all devices were up and running!

Now, like i said, i don’t have any zigbee, only zwave (and wifi etc), so i just migrated for about 30 minutes, testing which apps worked and which didn’t and then resetted the HP2023 and let the 2019 take control again.

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have you already been able to test the neo coolcam app on the HP2023? I saw that it was already in testing…

No not yet, although i do have some devices here, but there not yet connected.

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Here is what I recvd from Athom Support.

To use both Homey Pros you need to migrate your current setup to your new Homey Pro. You can migrate everything you have and then delete the devices/apps which aren’t supported yet on SDK V3, or you can first delete devices/apps which aren’t supported on your current setup before migrating. After migrating you can factory reset your old Homey Pro. After this you can then add the devices/apps that aren’t yet supported on the new Homey Pro to your old Homey Pro. Both homeys can be linked to the same account but can’t communicate with each other. This is because both Homey Pros are controllers and can’t be added to each others networks.

We appreciate your input about the lack of documentation regarding migrating between old and new Homey Pros. A lot will still be developed and added to our knowledge base in the coming months.

Well, with the Homesh apps, your Homeys actually can communicate and control each other…


I just saw in the description its missing the fact that you can also simple start flows (with arguments) on the satellite, directly from flows on the controller.
So, technicly, you can pretty much control the complete satellite homey from one controlling homey.

N.b. I’ll at that to the description.


Thanks for the info. I will try it out when I start setting up my HP2023. I hadn’t seen your App before.

I have read the description but a quick question. If I want to control my HP16 from my HP23 which of your two Apps do I install on which device. It is obvious (I think) that you would 8mstall the Controller on the HP23 but which App on the HP16?

The homesh satellite app on the satellite (old homey).