Migrate from Hubitat to Homey Bridge (Z-Wave Devices)

Hello! New user to Homey here. I have the Homey Bridge associated with my new Home definition. I am migrating from a very unstable Hubitat Evolution device containing all of my Z-Wave devices (it’s the current Master Controller) to Homey. I would like to use an automated Z-Wave transfer/re-assignment method for all of my devices rather than having to reset and re-pair each device manually (painful). I know how to initiate the transfer in Hubitat, but I don’t see an equivalent receive/master re-assignment capability in the Homey android app to essentially transfer my decides to my new Homey Bridge. I would really appreciate any help you can provide, even if only to point me to knowledge information that I may have overlooked.
Thank you in advance!

AFAIK, Homey doesn’t have such a function. So re-pairing is the only way.

That’s disappointing. Does Homey assume its target market is only new home automation consumers? People with a large number of z-wave devices will find this very tedious and potentially a barrier to considering the technology. Z-Wave master/primary re-assignment is a valuable tool during migration. :frowning:

No. But from what I’m reading about controller re-assignment, it’s far from standardized within the Z-Wave protocol, and fraught with issues (especially cross-brand). So perhaps that’s the answer why Homey doesn’t support it.

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