Migrate from other system, need to reinclude every switch?

Hey, everyone

I’m consedering Homey, two questions;

I have a big setup with around 50 z-wave devices. Many of them are behind wall socket, and they are included into Domoticz using a USB-zwave stick.

  1. Is there a way to migrate to Homey without unscrewing and re-including 50 switchtes?

  2. I have a certificate and a custom DNS name yadda.domain.com, can I use this for Homey?, or how does https access work exactly?


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Not just with Homey, but with every other z-wave controller, you must first go through the exclusion process then include again every single z-wave device into Homey. Quite a pain, indeed.

You don’t need a DNS with Homey. All is accessed via Athom’s servers. Flows, dev pages, insights, etc. You find lots of info on this forum and on Athom’s website.

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