Implement z-wave controller shift functionality

Give users the possibility to leave the platform, please.

Reading the old forum it looks like Homey supports receiving a z-wave network from another controller, but not sending to another controller.

Which, in short translates to: Easy to migrate to homey, impossible to leave.

Not sure why you are saying this on a community forum, where athom doesn’t read along.

But just to make sure you got your information right, the new controller needs to activate the controller shift, homey only need to respond.

But controller shift is also to homey not implemented, so there is no difference from homey as to homey with changing zwave controllers, just needs to be done manually, nothing is impossible.

Edit: also don’t expect this to be implemented in the upcoming year, it is really low on their priority list.

Homey can be included in another network.
On on the old forums there are posts regarding the ability to shift.

Afaik, a role transfer can be initiated from either end. But that is hardly the issue.

But hey, i see the error in my ways… Posting in a forum. I might just be from a different time (, when athom employees was actively engaged in the community.

You can add homey into another controller, but it won’t do anything unless that controller implements homey as a device/controller, homey has never been configured to do more then that.

I’ve said this on the old forum also a few times.