Moving the Homey affect the net?

Hello everybody
My first post
Tomorrow I will receive my Homey.
I’m going to setup my home in Domotic with z-wave basically (FIBARO) an dithers brand.
My home is 3 floor included basement and I need to start from there for deployment.
After deployment of 6/7 switch and relay I would move the homey ( placing some switch on the stairs for the net ).
The question is:
Moving the homey after deployment will affect the z-wave net? Suggestion?
Better to start deploying from ground floor without moving the homey?
Thank you for your replies

Easiest is to first install Homey at the correct place. But most important : first install the main-powered devices (plugs, switched etc) and then the battery-powered devices (motion-detectors etc). You can always issue heals to main-powered devices after you moved Homey.

I will follow your suggestion and I will keep the homey in the basement ( I can’t start placing devices from ground floor ).
The problem is that the ground floor will have dozens of devices and basement 6/7 only.
I fear that the net will suffer about that; only one switch will be a node for all the ground floor

While that could be enough (depending on the area) I would certainly advise to add one or two plugs which you can put in normal sockets.

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