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Microphone not working on Homey 2.0

The Homey is not responding to ‘Ok, Homey’ at all. According to support I need to put the microphone on in Settings --> Experiments, but I only have ‘Apple HomeKit’ and ‘Virtual Devices’ there.

Hi Roald,

This feature is only available on Homey (Early 2016) and Homey (Early 2018) models.

edit: typo

I received the Homey 4 days ago. Does that mean they sent me an old model?

Maybe not available on Homey (Early 2016) and Homey (Early 2019) models?
On Homey (Early 2019) they removed the microphone.

right, 2019 model has no mic and nfc :frowning:

Yup, what he (Emile) tried to say is that Homey (Early 2019) and Homey Pro will not have a microphone and nfc antenna.

So then the only solution is to link it to Google Assistant or something similar?

That is correct.