Mediola Matter Bridge for Homematic IP - Option for the outdated Homematic App?

This is an unofficial info topic about the mediola Matter Bridge for Homematic IP.

As the Homematic App was last updated in April 2021 and since then it has unfortunately no longer been possible to add further devices or have any bugs fixed, many users are looking for alternative ways to connect their Homematic devices to Homey.
Besides the option of integrating Homematic devices using Home Assistant via MQTT or with one of the two Home Assistants Apps (Home Assistant, Home Assistant Community), the mediola Matter Bridge could be an alternative for users with a Homey Pro (early 2023).

This topic is for sharing experiences and information with and about the mediola Matter Bridge in relation to the Homey Pro (early 2023).

(This topic is not actively supported by me!)

There is now a new variant/option…

Interesting, but only standard devices are currently supported. Only 4 of my 8 Homematic devices are supported. Let’s wait and see whether the list of devices will be expanded.

And if I understand Matter correctly in connection with Homey, the functions of the Homematic devices should also be supported by Homey, correct?

Using the Bridge for a few days now.
It was mainly planned for connecting HmIP BBL devices as they are not supported withing the Homematic App.

Unfortunately one of my BBLs is only reacting rarely when connected via matter bridge. While connected to the CCU3 it works fine.

Another issue I have with the matter bridge is that HmIP-PSM2 (the newer version of the power plug) is weirdly not recognized as a power plug when connected to Homey afterwards. Because of that you can only switch it on/off in Homey - no additional parameters (voltage, power consumption total, …) is shown.

As it is mentioned on mediola web site:

No other features than switching is listed. However, “Switching” is not even listed as a function, but should be clear due to the type of device.