Matter pairing not working

I have Homey Pro 2023 and I have a Ubisys hub that hosts a few Zigbee devices under it. Ubisys hub supports Matter and now I am trying to connect from Homey to Ubisys so that I could use Homey as master controller for the Ubisys devices.

The Matter pairing always seems to fail. It starts well - I can read the QR code, it starts the process and then the last step it shows is “Connecting to Homey device” (translated from finnish). After this it shows an error message “No connection to device. Make sure the phone is connected to wifi network”.

I have made sure my phone and Homey and Ubisys are all in the same home network so that should not be the problem.

Any idea what might be the cause here? Anyone else experiencing the same with Matter (beta)?

Video in finnish but you will probably get the idea…


Ok. Got it working. I had previously tried out Matter by linking Ubisys over Matter to Google Home in my Android device although I don’t even have a Nest hub or anything. It seemed to pair, but could not control the devices in Ubisys.

I removed this from Google Home in my Android phone, then paired Homey to Ubisys and now it seemed to connect and the devices are operable.

I have no idea if this was what prevented me from pairing Homey to Ubisys or what was the reason. Everything around Matter standard overall feels really complicated somehow.