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Make a generic Zigbee lock devicehandler

A generic zigbee lock “devicehandler” for Zigbee HA protocoll is missing, like the one i had with Smartthings. I’m using a Easyaccess door lock, with a addon zigbee card, and it "should work with every zigbee controller with a generic devicehandler like that.

Any luck with this? I have the same problem with their new zigbee 3.0 module.

A generic Zigbee (lock) deviceHandler can’t be added due to the design philosophy to have a driver / app for each device.

This driver specifies the Zigbee ID’s based on which the Homey core finds the match.

Intercepting the Zigbee inclusion proces, to manually link the device to a generic driver, is not possible. If you want this feature, please address the request to Athom support.

Thank you, I have addressed it to Athom support.

hello, any update on this? i’d like to add a zigbee yale yrd220 lock.

According to the fine app page, that lock is supported.

that’s the z-wave version, not the ZigBee. it shows as a basic ZigBee device.

In that case you’re out of luck.

As @TedTolboom already said, it goes against Homey’s design philosophy to add (a lot of) generic device support, so unless someone adds explicit support for the lock in an app don’t expect it to be supported anytime soon.

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