Luminance as a condition (aeotec multisensor 6)


I would like to create this flow:

When the motion alarm turned on
And it is daytime
And the luminance is under 10 lux
Then turn on the lights

I have an Aeotec Multisensor 6 that is capable to monitor luminance.
Previously, the Multisensor was connected to another Z-wave controler (eedomus) and it works well (i was able to check the luminance in the rule).

How can I do it ?

Thank you in advance.


Place a extra card in the “and” part Logic (tag of the luminance) is less then.

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Thank you very much.

I was not aware about the “Logica” option.

Have a nice evening.


I would like to do about the same.
Below the flow described I want to make

The motion alarm turns on

Time is between 7:30 and 21:00
Lux is lower then 5

Time is not between 7:30 and 21:00
Lux is smaller then 5

Dim light to 50%

Dim light to 20%

Currently I have 2 flows for this.
But to keep the amount of flows as clean as possible I would like to combine it in one flow
I tried the flow described above hut it only dims to 50%.

I also remove the card ”time is not between 7:30 and 21:00” but also then it only dims to 50%

Your flow does what it should do👍

The way the OR card works you can see Here how its works

Thanks for the link.
Have read the article in the past but apperently forgot about it.

So then and cards are not alway and cards as in my example.
To bad because this would make it possible to make advance flows.

In my opinion the 2 lines below the and statement should both be true before executing the then statement.

What’s the fun of the 2 time cards?
In this case one of the time lines is always true aye?
OR it is between 7.30 and 2100 OR it’s not!
So the AND card can just contain the lux part. Can u show us the flow in a screenie?
Curious where u get the lux from.

I tried it with only 1 time card but still the light was only dimmed to 50% and never to 20%

If the link Roy gave is the correct information I think it will never work in one flow because only one of the 2 AND cards has to be correct for the flow to go to the THEN card.

I think in the flow described it should have both the time and lux correct before going to the THEN card. If one of them is not correct it should go to the OR card and if that one is correct it should to the ELSE card.

But apparently it does not work like that.
Below the screenshot of the 2 flows I have now to accomplish what I need.

I know the times are the same but reversed. But this is due to the fact that I cannot set seconds. Otherwise I would have let the time windows differ with just one second.

For the motion sensor I use a Fibaro Motion sensor V2.
I use the lux of the motionsensor

If all the cards in AND are correct, it trigger the THEN part.

If one or more cards in AND are not correct, it starts looking at the OR,

If all the cards in OR are correct, it trigger the THEN part.

If one or more cards in OR are not correct, it trigger the ELSE part.

Roy thanks for clearing things up.
now I understand why It did not work as I expected.
There is no way of putting it in one flow because the AND and OR card always go to the THEN card if true.