All my flows with luminance (lux) are broken

After a power power outage, all my flows with luminance (lux) are broken.
I have several different IR-sensors with built in luminance but I cant use any of them for the AND condition.
I tried to replace the cards with out success, I also tried to create new flows but I don’t get the option for adding luminance for AND-condition (it works if I use luminance for IF-condition.

Reinstall the involved apps, without uninstalling them first.
Maybe re-reading a backup from before the outage is needed

Or pull the plug for 15 minutes and wait 30 minutes for results.

Does the IR sensors work at all, as motion detectors?
Try creating a flow that triggers on motion from the IR sensors.

I solved it by using “Logic” instead. Don’t want to mess with it if it works :slight_smile: