Multisensor 6 - create a flow

Hi, I’m quite the new user and need some help putting up a flow that helps me turning on the lights when it gets dark.

I’ve got a Aeotec Multisensor 6 and would like to have a flow that turns on the light when the luminance gets below a certain value.

Appreciate all your help!

First… welcome

Second…did you invest some of your time, to search for the answer.

But you want something like.

When: luminance has changed
And: (logic card) is lower then …( example 30) you need to fill in the needed tag, n this case use the local tag.
Then: switch light X on

This works, so when lumi is lower then 30 lights goes on.

But the flow wil also be triggerd when lumi reach 29,27 ect

So add a extra card in the AND part with light x is off.

Keep in mind at some time you need the light switch off again.

Just for information: In battery mode with standard settings the lux value is updated only every 60 minutes to reduce battery consumption. So it is recommended to use the sensor with a USB power supply.
You can change the intervall but the battery will be empty after some months.