Lowest humidity value instead of current


My Everspring ST-814 sensor works well, Homey can print a pretty graph with several values per hour, but when I clic the device it only prints what seems to be the lowest humidity value instead of the current one.
The temperature value is correct however.

I did not find any parameter allowing me to change this behavior.
Is it a bug ?


Insights are averaged as the time span gets larger to reduce that amount of data stored, so it could just be an anomaly with the way the data is presented. If you change the time span to the last hour do you see what you expect then?

My insights were perfect. Both for 1 hour or 24 hours.
The problem was on the value displayed when simply clicking the device.

However it seems fine now. Maybe was it a temporary bug as the device was added less than 12h earlier…
I will keep an eye to see if the problem happens again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you tap on the value in the device it will show when it was last updated. But it seems strange as that value should show the latest reading.

Indeed, it was showing something like “10 hours ago”.
Now it shows “16 minutes ago”, which seems fine according to the insight…