False reading spikes in Xiaomi Humidity sensor (654% humidity)

Hey guys,

Has anyone of you guys suffered from false readings from the Xiaomi Humidity and temperature sensors? My ventilation system is starting when there is no use for it. I looked at my insights page and noticed a spike of 654% humidity which of course can’t be correct.

I have removed the battery and replaced it but the issue remains.

Hopefully someone has had the same and Has an idea of the cause.

Thanks in advance!

No issues with it as you can see in the screenshot.
Maybe try to unpair the device and pair it again as a new device.

I had the same issue, the battery was the cause for the strange readings.
The battery indicator can say that the battery is still full but that indication is not correct.
So replacing the battery works, but sometimes you need remove and pair the sensor again and repair your flows.

That’s a possibility. I checked battery levels and it was 68%. I have just replaced it so I will monitor it and see if it will give strange on/off behavior on the ventilation system.

Thanks a lot for your reply guys!