Restore log subject in insights

I accidentally removed the “Humidity” log subject of my Xiaomi humidity sensor in Insights (I pressed the trashcan icon), because I thought it was a deselect option, but now I’m no longer able to view my Humidiy log.
I still can see Pressure, Battery and Temperature but no longer Humidity.

Can anyone help me so I can monitor my humidity levels again?


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2 options, wait til the sensor sens a new log. Or try a ptp

Sorry for asking, but what’s ptp?
How long does it take for the sensor to send a new log?
It’s been over 2 days now.

ptp Pull the plug

thanks. That worked.
Removed and added the device.

I have done the same mistake :disappointed_relieved:
…sounds like you have found a solution, but it gives a lot of work with restoring flows etc.
Isn’t there better solution, anyone?

/thanks in advance!

I believe the way to fix this is to wait a reasonable time to let the sensor push a new humidity value (which for Xiaomi sensors is at most an hour, in my experience), and then either restart the Xiaomi app or restart Homey. For most people, after that the value returns to Insights again.