Temp sensor: logging sensor data

I’ve got a Philio sensor which I use to log temperature data. I cannot get it to report data with small intervals. I don’t quite understand what the meaning is of several settings.

I guess I need to use as least ticks as possible. I’ve set the auto report interval on 30 ticks (the image shows 5, i know) which means 30 minutes? And the temp report interval to 1, which means 1 times 30 minutes = 30 minutes. And the wake-up interval at 1800 seconds = 30 minutes (is the minimal amount). If I understand it correctly the sensor should send 1 datapoint every 30 minutes to homey.

I use simple log every 30 minutes to log the most recent datapoint. Unfortunately, it doesnt seem to work. I see that temperatures are exactly the seem, hours in a row. Although the heating is on. I’m I doing something wrong?

Which Philio sensor is it? Can you please give the official name of the sensor, e.g. PSP05.
Then I could have a look in the manual.

Its the pat02-1b. Thanks in advance!

As far as I understand, the following temperature-relevant report intervals are currently set:
– Auto Report Temperature Time: every 30 minutes
– Auto Report Tick Interval: every 5 minutes (for all timing reports, except the low battery detection)
– Temperature Differential Report: With a change of at least 1 °F (ca. 0,56 °C)

Unfortunately, I don’t understand the relationship between “Auto Report Temperature Time” and “Auto Report Tick Interval”, but I guess that the interval of “Auto Report Temperature Time” would have to be shortened in order to send the temperature values more frequently.
In my opinion, however, the more important parameter is the “Temperature Differential Report”. This parameter ensures that the temperature value is sent when a certain temperature difference has been determined. Currently the temperature differential is set to 1 °F (approx. 0.56 °C).
If you want to be informed about smaller temperature differences, this parameter should be set to e.g. 0.5 (approx. 0.28 °C) or to 0.2 (approx. 0.11 °C).
You may adjust only this parameter and observe if the reporting changes. Please remember to wake up the sensor first and then confirm the changed parameter with the check mark :heavy_check_mark:.