Logging a sensor value every second (1 Hz)

I have issues with my hot water and shall log the temperature every second for five minutes each hour of the day.

I should be set to accomplish this as I have a BLE water valve to turn on and off the water and a BLE temperature sensor with an external sensor.

How do I accomplish this in Homey Pro? I mean, how do I log and retrieve the data on a 1 Hz interval? Are there apps that can help me with this?

Have not seen posts about it for some time now. But homey does disable flows that run “too often”

Insights will show you sensor reading, but I dont know the rate.

I think the main issue here is not how to do the logging, but how to get the sensor working with Homey. If there isn’t a specific app for it, you can’t use it.

Why should it be a BLE? Homey can handle others and still combine them with the BLE valve.

A shelly can do the job

It does not measure at 1hz interval but at temperature changes.
Should do the job too. If there is no measurement you know the te,persture is still the same.
Shelly can handle 3 sensors so if you dont trust one you canmout in all 3 and have a triplecheck

The sensors don’t have to be BLE - I just happen to have two:

I have yet to connect them to Homey Pro as I would like to devise a plan on how to collect the data first. It seems there are no apps dedicated to these specific devices.

But say I would be able to connect them; how would I go about collecting the data on a 1-second interval? Information on flows auto-disabling seems to be a bit unclear.

Insights (see my post above) will log the data of your sensor automatically.
It will be dependend of the update-rate of your sensor how often it is logged. (Insights logs when a sensor is updated)

Not sure if insights is limited for logging…
This is what my shelly looks like in insights (buildin behaviour of home, no need to do anything)

I see. I worried the Insights feature was not suitable for 1 Hz, but if it’s up to my sensor polling then I will focus on that.

I will look into it. Thanks!

A possible solution could be:

  • start a flow with a default time trigger (every x minutes/hours).
  • Use the Chronograph app to start a transition (60 steps during 1min).
  • React on the transition steps with a second flow

In this flow you can log the data:

  • Using Papertrail log into a local log
  • Using MySQL client to log into a SQL database

If you are using the global date/time tags, you probably will only have date and time values with mm:ss.
To get a correct relation to your transition steps, you have to log these steps in addition to date/time.

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Additional: Papertrails has these timestamp choices for precise logging:


Thanks! That sounds interesting. What is the definition of a ‘transition’?

Thanks! That is useful.

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For a transition you define a range (from…to) and the number of steps in a timerange. The app is firering a flow trigger for everery step.
Your case would be: from 0 to 59 in 60 steps in 1 minute.

I use this for a wake-up light.

Start flow

Trigger for steps:

Action for every step.

Sorry, german only :sweat_smile:

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Great! Thanks. I will try this.