Lost all my Z-wave devices

This weekend i came home and my homey had the led ring in full red. So i pulled to powerplug, reinserted the powerplug and started the homey back up again. And the led ring got al normal again. Yesterday i’ve started the homey app and noticed that the Fibaro z-wave devices are gone. So i gave the Homey a reboot and was hoping that my fibaro z-wave devices would return. But no luck, they are still gone.

But i also noticed that my other z-wave devices are gone. I’ve got a coolcam powerplug thingie and and Fakro zwave windows openere thingie. All gone from Homey!

Is there any easy way to get back the z-wave devices? Or do i realllllly have to reset and connect them all again?
Please help!?

Do you see your z-wave devices in developer.athom ?

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Hi Alpol,

Thanks for the quick reply. When i go to developer.athom is can see the KaKu devices, Youless etc. But no z-wave devices. :frowning:

This weekend i added a Fibaro dimmer 2. Then i had to go away, came back home and the homey was red. Didnt do anything special…

If homey alive:
What about z-wave section in developer?
Is there any device, if yes, try to do something with z-wave device. If it shows that it receive signal, restore homey, like you want to change WiFi network.
If after that nothing good happened, so only way is to reset z-wave network and add everything again.
But I think you’ll need to reset network anyway…

Homey is alive, but when i’m going to the z-wave section in developer, there is no z-wave device. I can see the Homey, but no additional devices.
Think i’m gonna reset the z-wave network and reconnect everything again.
Thanks for your help.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening again in the future? Did i do something wrong?

Sorry for long answer.
I don’t really know, why it did happened.
But, may be you were update fibaro app to beta and then moved back to stable? It happened to me with Aeotec once