Looking for IR heater

Hi all,

I’m currently (and urgently :D) looking for an IR heating panel.
I just bought one from Klarstein, which does what it should do, but I can’t control it (or therefore automate it) using Homey…

So I’ll just put this panel in a different location but I would still need 2 or 3 panels for other rooms… And I realy want to be able to control them trough flows or Homey at least…

Any suggestions?



How about buying a Trådfri Outlet and Connect your panel to that outlet? It is capable of handling 3840W.

IKEA number: 903.561.66

There are several other similar solutions as well.

Tried that, unfortunately the IR in that case doesn’t remember the set temperature nor does it start.

It stays in standby mode… :slight_smile:

Switchbot? It can push buttons :upside_down_face:


I’ve connected my IR-panel with a Heat-It Z-wave Thermostaat.

I want to follow this. I have two Klarstein heaters and really like to add them to my Homey.

If you want to follow a subject, you can just click the bell icon and select tracking or watching. You do not need to post for that. Depending on your settings, Tracking might even be set automatically because you read long enough.

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Dag Joost, al enige oplossing gevonden voor het aansturen van je Klarstein IR panelen?
Gr Freddie

Hi Yves_Van_Cleven
Did you find a solution yet for controlling the Klarstein IR panels with Homey?
Best regards Freddie

Unfortunately not