Radiator or heater on what plug?

i have “stupid” heater and i want to make it smarter using homey.
is there anyway to plug it to plug simmiler to
broadlink SP3S?
(the broadlink will not support heavy consumer far as i know of)

or any other plug who support heavy consumer like heater?

What is the maximum output (Watt) of the heater?

2000 W
i can see that broadlink is “support” this much but i hard from servel places and plz its not recomended and not really good at this high voltag

I know there is a „Heavy Duty Switch“ from Aeotec (Z-Wave), with up to 9600 W and 40 A (EU/AU) but it is not supported.

Some other WallPlugs with up to 3680 W and 16 A:
Qubino Smart Plug (Z-Wave)
Shelly WiFi Smart Plug

Both are supported.

Neo Coolcam. 2500w max. And configurable for maximum amounts so it warns you or even shut’s itself down when overloading.

All of tham are fit to other places…not my country
I need something with ground
3 pin connections not 2
I am from israel :slight_smile:

Like this:


This is an important information. Why are you just giving us the information now? I‘ve searched for broadlink SP3S and found an European Wall Plug.
I’ve been looking for matching wall plugs for about 20 minutes… :man_shrugging:t3:

Another important information is what radio protocol you want to use.

Does Israel have its own standard? Or is it a standard of a region like Europe?

Let’s start at the most basic question. Do you already have a Homey/do you want to use a Homey to make it smart.
As this is the Homey Community forum.

BTW, Israël will (should) have a different z-wave chip inside, with a different frequentie then Europe, so just a different plug type isn’t enough.

SO first of all u are right i have should have said it is for israel
sry my fult :smiley:

i preffer zigbee or wifi but i can go with z wave…

im not sure about the standart in israel so i preffer to go with zigbee or wifi

and offcurse i have homey
i have been using it for over an year now…

Have you searched on Aliexpres? There are also a couple of smart plugs.
If they are good, i have no idea.
smart plug

How do u know thay support homey?

What type of plug is it? E?
I guess regarding Zigbee and WiFi there is no other standard, frequency or chip, right?

Do you already Z-Wave devices? If yes, which and how much?

I dont have yet any z wave device…
But all homey support same freq…no?

And yes for zigbee ad wifi all same same…

No, unfortunately there are different frequencies for different Homeys

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If you don’t have a Z-Wave device yet, I do not recommend it. Z-Wave usually requires multiple powered devices to be stable. Z-Wave requires a so-called mesh.

And what type of plug is it?

Ok so no zwave :slight_smile:
I think my plug is plug k
This is as simiiler i can find
But i uploaded a pic of the one i need

No. I had to search again, but it’s plug type H (round version).

Edit: Because the plug is only used in Israel and Palestine, I would suggest that you ask in stores/online stores in Israel.
If the plug is supported by Homey, you have to check in the Homey App-Store. If the brand and type is not listed in the App-Store, it is very possible that the plug is not supported.

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Ok, the SmartPlug suggested by @Mike1233 is not supported by Homey, but you can use IFTTT for it.
This is of course also a solution.

This one seems to be compatible with Tuya.
I guess that there are some peculiarities with Tuya devices, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about Tuya.

again 10x for the help
in my cuntry if i go to electric store and ask for smart plug thay will look at me funny :smiley:

using ifttt is a good idea
but r u sure it is suported ?