Radiator or heater on what plug?

Or you.can build one yourself if you know how to connect wires :slightly_smiling_face:. Use simple and cheap shelly 1 wifi module and you can hide it inside the heater if there is a place, or in separate electric box on the power cord.


Which one?
If you have access to IFTTT in Israel (it’s an internet service!) then the WallPlugs which supports IFTTT will work. Homey doesn’t care which devices is connected via IFTTT. The interface is IFTTT.
The disadvantage of IFTTT is that there must be an internet connection.

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No oroblem using iftt here ( offcurse we have internet… We r not riding on camel’s lol)
My question was if the plug support ifttt cuz not all of tham r support…

Actually what i think i will do is as igy said
I connect shelly in the cord and hope this will do the job
I think it will

I’m aware that you have internet, otherwise we couldn’t write together… :joy:
Israel is a technologically advanced and progressive country.

My clue was if Israel had possibly blocked the Internet service IFTTT. Not all internet services are available everywhere in the world. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yes, that was a good suggestion from lgy.


It is listed on the website… :man_shrugging:t3:

lol so now we r on the same page :smiley:

actually no i didn’t notice it on the web site
in this case it’s ok
i will try to order one and hope it will work

expect post about ifttt in about 20-25 days :rofl:

You can used this one https://www.kabelshop.nl/Brennenstuhl-Reisstekker-Type-F-naar-J-Geaard-1508642-i10493-t25327.html Then you can uesd the Neo coolcam . That works with homey


This is also good idea
But is it safe? To cancel the “ground”?

Good point, but I cannot answer.
But what I noticed is that the adapters only support a maximum of 10 A.

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Its save to do that 10 A is 2200 W

Of course, you’re right, I only had the 16 A in my mind.

Mmm i wonder if there are same but 16 a and not 10
10 is not good

Do you have a photo of the product label including the technical data? Is the font international? Or are is it in Israeli letters?
I guess you got the info 16 A from the plug, but not from the type plate of the radiator.
2000 W : 250 V = 8 A
2000 W : 230 V = 8.7 A

10 A is oke for you

Your heater is 2000 W the power from the Wal Socket is betweem 220 and 240 V. .With a 10 A Socket its stil betweem the 2200 and. 2400 W

And then with a little peak moment it will blow. Better safe the sorry and pick a 16!

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The other way to fix this problem is to make a box with een relaiy. Then you can use a fibaro relais to switch the coil from the relais. The contacts of the relais switch the heater on and off. On this way you do not have a problem with your wall socket

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after all this i think i will go with selly on the cord…sound like the most responsble solution…