Which power plugs recommended?

Which power plugs would you recommend for use with Homey Pro 2023, with the following “requirements”:

  • small size
  • good support in Homey (either directly like e.g. Matter/Thread, or via app)
  • no extra hub or something required
  • reasonable radio range (homey at ground floor, plugs also for basement and 1st floor - WLAN coverage is good everyhwere)
  • reasonable price
  • optional power metering (that works with Homey)
  • supporting 16A

I’ve checked so many products meanwhile in the Internet, but none of them seem to really fulfill all the requirements somehow.
The closest match is maybe the Shelly Plus Plug S (https://www.shelly.com/de-ch/products/product-overview/shelly-plus-plug-s-1)

What are you using? Would you recommend it unconditionally?

PS: same question actually also for temperature/humidity sensors, with additional requirements:

  • long lasting battery (power supply is no option)
  • good accuracy
  • optional with own display
  • interval for readings 15 minutes maximum
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All depends on the communication technology you prefer (WiFi, ZWave or Zigbee) and are using for other devices in your home.

Personally I have used the Fibaro Plug (Z-Wave technology) for many years and have had no issues with it, have +20 of them spread out in my house. (Wall Plug - smart outlet with power metering | FIBARO)

I totally agree, but, and there is a but, for a decision for a larger purchase I have waited for Matter with support for Energy monitoring, hopefully in Matter 1.3 in six months.
Thats where I am now, happy with my Fibaro Wall plugs but waiting for Matter 1.3.

I also have the products Eve Energy company “under observation” … but € 40 for a plug seems a bit expensive: Eve Energy | evehome.com

Maybe shelly. Uses wifi and is very affordable? Direct support in homey, no hub/bridge needed


I see now it is max 12A