Wall outlet, european style (230V with ground pin) zigbee or zwave

My reinstall failed on my new Homey Pro (backup from Homey had issues with unclean zigbee network), so I had to make a new account, sorry for that - so not my first post…

but the real question is
Do any of you know of wall outlets (so no plug-in devices) which have already zigbee or zwave build in?
I can find alot of Wifi items, but no Z/Z.
And if possible, supported by Homey of course …

Here is one: z-wave supported by Homey, Fibaro Walli Outlet https://www.fibaro.com/en/products/smart-switches-and-outlets-product-range/

And if you search in Homey’s app store, perhaps there are more z-wave and/or zigbee.

Another option is to use zwave relay behind the socket but max load is 10A. Only 16A load I know is Shelly wifi module