Bathroom IR heater

I’m searching for an IR heater (not panel) for extra Bathroom-comfort when the showering is done. I’m not searching for a heater with thermostat function, because I already have a central heating.

The reason I’m asking here is that I want to automate things, in other words make it smart.

Does anyone know a product (works with Homey) without modifications?

Because i still didn’t find any suitable product, I’m considering buying a cheap model, and modify it with a built-in switch (Shelly Qubino or Fibaro) to make it listen to Z-wave.

I have a IR header camouflaged as a picture on the wall.
You can use a Smart Plug (e.g. from Aqara) to switch it on and off.

@Bepp That sounds pretty cool with IR heater camouflaged as a picture… Can you share some pictures or the model you have used? I am looking to upgrade my DIY localized heating off my home office space.

@Heronimus I have put a motion sensor under my desk that activates a Hue smartplug and turns on my IR heater under my desk for increased comfort when sitting at the desk. However, I bought a Nedis SmartLife IR panel for our cabin, to heat the bathroom, it is IP44 and can be installed in a bathroom, I think they are marketed at Tuya other places. It says powered by Tuya.

Thanks for your replies. I bought an Eurom Q-Time 2000 heater, which has enough room to place a Shelly Wave 2PM in it and possibility to change some wires. Now I can automate the two tubes in it, works like a charm.

@Morsi I have mine from Amazon.
You can simply goto Amazon and search for IR header wall picture or so.

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