Location and Presence (Owntracks) - HowTo

thanks for helping. In the mean time I changed 2b to see if it would help.

Now I have on both phones 2 fences (home & away). They are exactly the same on both phones. Still the flows don’t do what they are supposed to do.

In the L&P app the fences are visible with the radius and the Lon&Lat.
In the L&P app log file I can see that both users are home

On the map in owntrack I can see that both phones are at home.

Any ideas on that???

You don’t need a second fence for “away”…

The flows you sent are pretty simple, they literally only trigger if the “thuis” fence is entered/left.

Please set these check boxes;

I had allready those checkboxes set.
In MQTT I also get the messages from both phones, so I think I’m going to try to make the flows in my node red environment. maybe they will work the way I want to.

Thank for helping.

It does not really matter as the app don’t use homey location info only presence app info

I’m trying to configure MQTT stuffon iPhone but not sure about the MQTT Broker config on Homey, Location app and Owntrack.
The Status is idle in owntrack so it found the broker i guess but where should i put the user value of location app ?

I followed this tutorial with success.

If all went well, it should appear by itself
Your mean this I guess?:

Idle is not connected. Check the broker logs to see if anything connects there and if so, configure the location and presence side of things to listen to the owntracks topic.

Also, the user stuff is set in the owntracks app on your phone and flows down to the location and presence app. Create the users and the fence in owntracks and try to publish them under settings.

I don’t know where to put the certificat on the owntrack ios app.
I don’t know where to put the id of the user generated by location app.

No one can share his settings ? :blush:

Please explain what you did and tried and try to explain your issues more clear (you are allowed to use more than 1 sentence :crazy_face: )
If we conclude it is still not working while all should be set, we can go compare our settings.
But that’s no fun, right?

Did you follow the how-to I posted 2 posts above here? Which parts not clear to you?

What did you do with the hints Hannes85 provided?

Everything works fine in HTTP and i want to try MQTT now.
I see a Certificat part in MQTT explanations, with a .PEM file if i remember correctly but i don’t know where to put it on iOS Owntracks app.
And i don’t know where to put the “user id” generated in Location app.

But while i read some documentation on Owntrack website, i see a recommandation for HTTP mode on Android devices so maybe i should not use MQTT at all ?!

It worked fine for me too with http.

While I installed mqtt to play with Home Assistant, I just wanted to try this to get to work with mqtt too, and it works, by following the how-to mentioned earlier.
I did not use the certificate PEM option yet, while I don’t get that either🤪
So I can’t help you with that.
If you want the settings without the certificate option, I’m happy to share.

Well if the certificat is not necessary, it’s better !
I’m curious to see your configuration yes.

Your connection is lots safer (more private) using a cert.
My configs:
[Owntracks phone app]:

[MQTT Broker]

[Locatie & Aanwezigheid]

  • Note, enable port-forwarding in your router config. In the example inside & outside ports 1883 are used

  • Note, STOP and START MQTT Broker when done with configuration

Ok i’m trying to make it work.
I’m confuse, where should i put this users id ?

I don’t understand, in MQTT, where it identify users ?

What is the peters9 in your screenshot ?!

What is the password i put in OwnTracks app ?

The password is the password for the user (Jeremy) that you created in the broker app

Peter S9 is the same login as used in MQTT broker.
So use the same user+password with both Owntracks and MQTT broker
S9 is just my description of my phone, and PD are my initials
On Jessica’s phone, u use again the same mentioned user+password (this authenticates Owntracks with MQTT broker) and instead of S9 u can use ‘Phone-Jess’ or just something you can recognize her phone with.

Fence names are also defined in Owntracks, but called ‘Regions’:

So if i understand correctly, in MQTT, users are created in MQTT Broker but in HTTP users are created in Location app, correct ?
So i create users in MQTT for every users in my house ?
But i also need a user for the Location app ? Because it need to log in too ?

Thanks, i’m such a noob…

Edit : well it’s working… need to test it more but it seem to detect faster than HTTP.

Edit 2 : the sync of geofences is not working on my iPhone. And i can’t see my wife on the friends map as HTTP allows me to.

hi here is security settings iPhone i not find the OwnTracks connected but not show my device position… I installed mqtt broker homey. I did it…