Location and Presence App Broker Unavailable intermittently

Hi all,

got an interesting “problem” that I’d like your thoughts on. Every day at random intervals I see the Location and Presence App logging “The MQTT Broker is UNAVAILABLE” and anywhere from seconds to minutes after it says “the MQTT broker is AVAILABLE again”. The broker is running on homey too.

Last occurrence (today, April 30th) was at 16:19:00 (unavailable) and it came back again at 16:21:34 (available). Checking my router logs shows no general or specific Homey (wifi) issues during this time (I actually was having a video call during that time without any issues). Then I started checking the Broker app logs.

Broker logs;

20210430-16:16:26 client disconnected: J
20210430-16:16:26 Packet published J
20210430-16:18:30 mqttjs_xxxx has unsubscribed from topic owntracks/#
20210430-16:18:30 client disconnected: mqttjs_xxxx
20210430-16:18:30 Packet published {“clientId”:“mqttjs_xxxx”,“topic”:“owntracks/#”}
20210430-16:18:30 Packet published mqttjs_xxxx
20210430-16:21:34 client connected: mqttjs_xxxx
20210430-16:21:34 Packet published mqttjs_xxxx
20210430-16:21:34 mqttjs_xxxx has subscribed to topic owntracks/#
20210430-16:21:34 Packet published {“clientId”:“mqttjs_xxxx”,“topic”:“owntracks/#”}
20210430-16:22:32 client connected: B
20210430-16:22:32 Packet published B
20210430-16:22:32 Packet published
20210430-16:22:32 Packet published
20210430-16:22:34 client disconnected: B
20210430-16:22:34 client connected: B

The location and Presence App unfortunately gets its logfile overwritten incredibly fast so all I have from that side is the following;

20210430-16:19:32 Broker State: RECONNECTING
20210430-16:20:02 MQTT Closed
20210430-16:20:02 Broker State: DISCONNECTED
20210430-16:20:03 MQTT Reconnect
20210430-16:20:03 Broker State: RECONNECTING
20210430-16:20:33 MQTT Closed
20210430-16:20:33 Broker State: DISCONNECTED
20210430-16:20:34 MQTT Reconnect
20210430-16:20:34 Broker State: RECONNECTING
20210430-16:21:04 MQTT Closed
20210430-16:21:04 Broker State: DISCONNECTED
20210430-16:21:05 MQTT Reconnect
20210430-16:21:05 Broker State: RECONNECTING
20210430-16:21:34 The MQTT broker is AVAILABLE again
20210430-16:21:34 MQTT client connected
20210430-16:21:34 Connected Topics: owntracks/#
20210430-16:21:34 Broker State: CONNECTED

These appear to indicate that the Location and Presence app unsubscribed and then subscribed again a couple of minutes later. Would that mean that the Location and Presence app… restarted\ suffered from problems?

This behavior has been bugging me for a while now and I cannot figure out where it is coming from so any thoughts are welcome.