Mttq broker: can’t see token for users

After 1,5 year I try to set up homey again. Built a new house and had homey in two temporary locations in a test environment to test and Explore. Found and explored out many things. Had mttq broker on Raspberry Pi and that worked fine. However now with the new homey app on iPhone I can’t get the mttq broker communicate with my phone… app installeecand got it running. Adder two users… but I cannot find the tokens needed for the iPhone OwnTracks app. Propably a simple thing… can any one tell me? If I try to exit the users in broker app… I see something “ flashing” but I can’t edit or se anything. Who can advice me…, what am I doing wrong?

By the way: z-wave range is terrible; I have a neo coolcam switch within 4 meters of homey and has hardly connection…

I really don’t see what this has to do with this topic?

WThat’s why I call it “by the way.” My questions are straightforward to the topic.

Really sorry Johan, but I’m missing the questions… maybe re-phrase them a bit ? I can probably help with MQTT but not Owntracks tokens.