Live Stream Eufy Doorbell on SharpTools Dashboard

Hey, I have been trying many things so that I can see my eufy doorbell on my SharpTools Dashboard but I heard that this was not possible. But if anyone knows how to or can make it work or have an idea please tell me.

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Homey isn’t able to facilitate streaming. It should be able to show a snapshot.
I guess it’s best to ask in the dedicated Eufy app topic.
You’ll find links to that @ store eufy app page.

Alright but do you know how to make so that I will show a screenshot?

Because in Homey I can see a screenshot but not in SharpTools Dashboards.

This sounds like something you need to ask on a SharpTools forum.

Yes I have already done it. No respons.

You can use the Homey Image Viewer custom tile:

Normally, if your camera provided a supported image snapshot or stream type directly, you would use the Media Tile. But since Eufy is somewhat of a closed system, the Homey Image Viewer tile might be a good fit for this case.

Can you share a link to your post? I monitor our official community closely and don’t remember seeing any posts related to this.

Edit: I just saw the support ticket. It’s Saturday morning here in the US, so I’m just getting caffeinated! :coffee:

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I have got it to work now thank you so much @joshua

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