Have a camera stream in my dashboard

I have 7 Dahua camera’s and a NVR.
I have access to the direct RTSP sources like: rtsp://admin:admin@

Can I create 7 tiles with all the channel or does someone allready have this working. With the imou app on my iphone I am able to connect and see the movement triggers.
Maybe some has done this for HOMEY PRO (2023) as well.


Maybe it is possible when you use a dasbord like this and add 7 cams with the streams.
I don’t use this so have no idea if it works.

@Paul_Vogels, did you get it to work?

Afaik Homey cannot show streams. It can show snapshots though, so when you use the Dashboards app like @Mike1233 proposed, you can emulate a ‘stream’ a bit:

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So, if I want my wall-mount tablet to show who is at the door in a stream, and potentially answer the doorbell, I need a different app …

With Homey it’s limited to view snapshots, and to open the door as far as I know, no speaking/listening.
Take a look at the flowcards of two doorbell apps f.e.