IP cam on dashboard

Hey everybody,
is it possible to have live view from my dahua ip cam on a homey dashboard? Ipcam is connected to my homey pro.
Thanks in advance!!!

Homey doesnt support live streams.

What is then the advantage of connecting your ipcam with homey?

Uhm, get a screenshot when someone is at the door?

U can use, cast a webpage.
Enter the url to the video stream of your cam.
Works great!

Or stream it as background to Homeydash.com. Or make a “device” and put it on Homeydash.com with a live stream in it. All Roy wanted to say is that Homey cannot convert the live stream. She is not capable of doing that. There is also some cams that doesn’t support it so be aware of that. The cam needs to have a streaming url for this to work

Ok. Thanks to all for the answers. I’ll try it. First I will check if my ipcam support the url.

Or stream it as background to Homeydash.com . Or make a “device” and put it on Homeydash.com with a live stream in it.

dat kan alleen als je homeydash lokaal draait zeker?

Nee hoor. Gewoon de streaming url als achtergrond instellen.

øke en als divice ook?

hoe gaat dat juist in zijn werk? De informaticawereld is echt geen onbekende voor mij, maar Homey is echt nieuw voor mij en voor het moment zie ik door het bos de bomen niet meer.

Ja maar dat is weer een poos geleden dat ik dat gedaan heb. Zodra ik daar wat meer info over heb zal ik dat laten weten.

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als er iemand voor mijn deur staat wordt deze gefilmd en opgeslagen door mijn videofoon. Dan is die persoon al mijn oprit gepasseerd en staat hij al de beelden van de camera.
(Reply op screenshot doorsturen naar gsm)

I think you people need to ask yourself Why you answer on this forum?
I guess it is because you want to contribute…?

So why does the language change over in this thread…

What this do is “create fustration” for all the tousands of people that read this in english (no i am not english, i am Norwegian.)

I have heard people not wanting a homey because the support comunity is mutch in german or dutch…
That is not good buisness for Homey is it?

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You have Dutch community, English community, the translate button and google translate.

So I don’t have to buy an Iphone because a lot of support is in English and I am Belgian.


Can someone explain it a little bit more, i have hikvision cameras and a nvr.
I setup virtual server so i have them now i the homey but only the still images.

Homey doesnt support live stream, only snapshots.