Dahua Cam app

Hi, I am using the latest beta version v0.2.3. and I am able to connect my Dahua IPC-HDBW1320E cameras. However when I set the flow with trigger VideoMotionstart together with mobile notification I can receive the notification just in the beginning. After some time the notifications stop coming. I assume the beta version might be a problem. Fo you have other experience? More stable? Thanks for sharing.

Anyone using this app to share an experience? Thanks

So far I can share such an experience: I have three cameras havin IP addresses in a raw. When I create the flows with motiondetection for each camera I notice that it looks like the triggers and action mix together between cameras. E.g. i trigger one camera but two actions are started for two different cams. So I see a buggy behavior with multiple cameras. i can not rely on the Dahua app so far :thinking: and I checked all the setting are coreect for each cam and flows.

I would like to try this app since I have an SD22204T-GN installed. Trying to install I get that my homey software is not compatible with this app. Does this mean that version 1.5 is not supported?

You need homey v2…

too bad :frowning: thanks anyway!

But whats the reasson why you wont udate to v2??

Several small reasons, but mainly that I cannot use the homey interface anymore from my PC. Still waiting for a integrated solution like I’m having now.