Limit in push notifications?

I’m quite new at making flows, and I managed to cobble together a handy flow:

The problem that I however have is that I now get a notification every 15min or so (or however often the temperature changes).

Is there a way to limit this notification to once every 60min or so? The overall goal is just for me to know when to open or close the window (manually). I have already managed to stop notifications at night so that is something, but now I get a lot of “spam” during the day.

Use an extra card:
to switch this Flow OFF.
Make a second flow, that switches the first flow ON again if the temperatures are the opposite.

Thanks for helping out, i set it up like this now, is that what you mean? I expanded upon it a bit to give me information whether it’s warmer or colder outside, but I’m not sure if the referral logic works and one flow never turns off now of course :expressionless:

Good start, but this way the “outside warmer than bedroom” will keep repeating…

So add to the 1st flow another card to enable the “outside warmer than inside” flow

And to the second flow a disable “outside warmer the insode”

And your “spec was” just every 60min.
This will only give you one notice.

You can also consider to start a 60min timer after disabling. This timer should enable the flow again.
Giving you warning only when temp is changing after a 60minutes silence

Thanks, I think I will use the 60min timer as that seems easier to do in terms of logic.

I also made a flown notifying me of dryness in plants and that broke the psuh notifications limit so I think I will implement that timer for all my flows hah

But that gives u a timer running 24/7?

A few examples of the given solutions, if needed:

  1. A flow which disables itself, and then enables itself after x minutes:

  1. A flow with a “wait for x minutes” option, using the Chronograph app: