Push-Message only once

Hello all,

I’m looking for a solution to only receive once a push message for a Temperature notification.

What do i wanna do.

When the Temperature in the room is greater then 25 then send a push to mobile, "The temp is greater then 25"now when the temperature is 25.1 or 25.2 Homey sends a push notification,

And when the temperature is greater then 30 then send a push to mobile “The temp is greater then 30”
here the same story, when the temp is 30.1, 30.2 and so on Homey send a push notification.

How can i make the flow that i only receive a push at 25 and a push at 30 and not for the temp in between?

Thanks in advance.


several ways to do it. You can use the disable flow card. Ofcourse then you need also a flow when temp is below a certain temp that the flow is working again.

Or with the use of a boolean true/false

IF temp changes
AND temperature >25
THEN send pusmessage
& disable FLOW1
& enable FLOW2
(See flow actions)

IF temp changes
AND temperature <25
THEN enable FLOW1
& disable FLOW2

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Yes, fairly simple to achieve, you only need to know it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response !

The notification you’ll receive is basically incorrect: the temp is not greater than 25, but it is exactly 25.

IF temp changes
AND temperature is exactly 25
OR temperature is exactly 30
THEN send pushmessage ‘The temp is [TAG]’


Now you indeed get a notification only when its exactly 25 or 30.

The side note in this wil be, when its 24.9 and the next data is 25,1 you wont get a notification. Thats why using the greater then

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