How do I send one push note. from two (or more) happenings!?

For now I have three floor thermostats, and when they change their “goal temp” I want to get a notification on my phone. As they all are configured individually it sometimes mean that one thermostat can be active and the other two the opposite. But all I want is to get one push notification if some of them, or all of them get its goal temp changed.

In my flow, right now, I always get one notification per thermostat!! Ideas?

With your current setup, if either sees a change you will get a message. If both change at the same time you will get two messages.

If you want to get one message only you will need to include a timer.(count down)
Start the timer with sending the message. (Like for 30 seconds?)
Add an ‘and card’ after the trigger cards, to only continue the flow if the timer is not running.

You can make it more complex, using a string variable to combine the different messages for each thermostat and send a combined message when the time is finished.

Let me know if I should show you an example for either solution.

Thank you for the input! Do I need a count down, or is it the same using a delay?

For now it seems to work as I want it to though. When I got a “time line note” before the push notification card it seems to just send one notification. Or I just got lucky this one time…

(This is just an example of the flow just to show what I mean. The “real” flow is somewhat little bit more complex.)

Nope, that one didn´t do it either.

Why compare with Norm. Varme? Do you want a message if the target temperature changes or if the target temperature is set to a normal value?

Based on your question, if you want a message if either or both target temperature are changed (but receive a single notification (instead of 1 for each change). With this solution also a 2nd change on the same thermostat will be suppressed

hope this helps…

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Thank you so much! It seems to work as I want to, keeping my fingers crossed! :pray:

Exactly what does the timer do in this case? Is it easy to explain?

And yes, I want to get notified when the target temp. is set to a specific temperature.

It’s quite weird though, it is inconsistent, sometimes it sends one message and sometimes I still get two messages.

On how it’s supposed to work: On the first trigger, the timer is not running and you will get a message and the timer will start.
If there is a second trigger before the timer is done, no message is send.

if you only want to get a message if the target value is a certain value, you need to add the logic IF cards in between.
Can you share your current set-up?

Is there any easy way to share an advanced flow, except “prntscr”!? I can’t get the whole flow in one image!

if you use/install the app Device Capabilities, you can use the Flow Exchanger.
just copy the TEF code in here.

Ok, I made this a little compact, just to try and fit it into one image.

Looks good.
When you get a double message are they less than 30 seconds apart (check exact timings in the ’ Tidslinje’) / same message?
Have you stress tested the logic by triggering it, while settings are at high and too low temperature?
Does the target temperature indeed come in two levels only: Låg Värme and Norm. Värme ?

For now it seems stable and hasn’t sent more than one message, the past 3-4 days. I guess it probably was my fault at the end. I’ve tried out a number of different flow settings…untill now!

I guess I can call this problem Solved! Thank you for your help! @BartOverdevest

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