[REQUEST] notification with option to cancel flow

A requested this feature a half year a go by using the google form but I didn’t get any response. This option would help me a lot in flows that are not 100% deterministic:

Some of my scenario’s run in 95% cases perfect. But that still means that in 5% of the cases it does something I don’t want. I tried making a ye/no dialog to make me able to cancel the flow if not needed. Put the problem of the dialog is that by default it terminates the flow if you don’t respond. Indirectly this means I always have to confirm the flow to be executed. So the feature I want: The possibility to announce that a trigger has been activated and it will run the flow with a option to cancel (with a timeout in seconds). If not responded the flow will be executed. If responded with cancel the flow will be terminated


I second that!

And additionally the push notification should be removed after the timeout is reached. Otherwise the user might confirm to a push notification that has already timed out.

You could start a timer to trigger what you want when you start the question and cancel the timer if the answer comes in.

Hi Edwin,

That’s a good idea. I guess it only works with the named timers of the chronograph app.
The only disadvantage is that you need 3 flows:

I guess with a little bit of help of athom the question behavior could also have an option to “reverse” like more conditions. When executed without response it will continue instead of stopping the flow, without needing to make 3 flows for every action.

I guess your solutions is a nice work around! Thanks for the tip.

I mostly use it to switch of heating in inactive zones. Sometimes I’m just gone for a short period and I don’t want to lower the heating. in most of the cases I do want to lower it.

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A long long time ago we requested the option to take no for an answer when there was no response to a question. They fixed that and it worked. It only worked for a couple of months tho. One firmware update destroyed the option again. After many requests it did not return. Then we never talked about it again for years. Community members don’t wanna be treated like little kids.

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