Lightwave Smart Series Status

Can the Homey Pro catch the status of a Smart dimmer when pressed e.g. LP21MK2? So that the ON/OFF status result can be used in a flow?

If it is the Dimmer on this page there is a card “turned on”, “turned off” so Homey could see it.

At the end of the page is al link called “Bezoek forum”. (visit forum)
Maybe check it there.

Thank you Mike,
Yes the dimmer is in the list, if the Homey switches the lights on with .e.g. a motion sensor then no problem the status in recognised, but when the light is switched on physically on the dimmer I cannot see it in the flow to turn on an extraction fan.

You should be able to see it as a trigger card. I use it all the time for my kitchen lighting. When the dimmer is turned on/off it switches on/off my plinth and cabinet lights via zwave controllers.

Thank you both, all sorted now.

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