Fibraro Dimmer 2 as Switch

I am trying to use a Fibraro Dimmer 2 as a swich without physically connecting any light on the output. So, I use it just to detect the switch, and then use a flow to control some Hue lights. But I don’t get it to work properly. I am wondering if I made a mistake in connecting it. I couldn’t find any example on the internet.

I have a brown wire connected to the L
And a blue wire connected to the N
And I have a pulse switch connected between Sx and S1.

With this setup, I can include and exclude the sensor on my zwave network via homey.
But if I press the switch, Homey doesn’t detect it in any way.

What am I doing wrong?


google search, already thought about reading a while ago that you need a load. So maybe this could help you

I wouldn’t power it up without a load. It also says in its manual.

Yes, I can find it on google now if I include the word ‘load’ in my search. Didn’t think of that when searching before. Thanks for the help Roy.

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