Knowing how a light switch was activated


I have a number of light switches/dimmers in my house, from Shelly, EcoDim and RobbShop.
I’m trying to figure out if you can tell, in a flow, if a switch/dimmer was activated by pressing the button, or by Homey.
Basically, when a ‘Turned On’ event is triggered, can I tell how it was triggered?
I know I could do it with a lot of variables, but is there an easier/built-in way?


You can, by using the Device Capabilities app, but you’ll have to create this flow part for each device you want to monitor:

But are you aware of the mobile app’s device log (longpress a device to view it), this is automatically done by Homey. This also shows flow names when a device is commanded by a flow:
Screenshot from 2023-06-02 16-04-56

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Hi, thanks for the reply! I’ll look into the Device Capabilities app.
Yeah, I know the log shows it, but I want to use that information in my flow.

So, for example if a light is activated by a motion detector, or by pressing the button on the wall, different things should happen. (I know I could probably fix this in the flow that’s triggered by the motion detector, but my flows are set up differently - kinda hard to explain).


Ah okay, yes then my example flow can come in handy

or create and ad in your flow a variable, triggered, yes or no, these you can also use in the insights. so many roads to Rome…