Flow: when any light turned on then

Hi Homey friends. I am not able to find solution for such flow: When some light turns on then e.g. send pipup notification on TV with name of light. In the card Devices, there are only sensor triggers. I also could not find a way to go via logic. Ofcourse I could do it separately for each light but that would be so many flows. I want to find one flow for specific type of device - here light. Any suggestions? Many thanks

Cannot think of any good solution for that.
But such a flow could also cause you another problem which I see now and then on my app.

The issue is, if a lot of your lights are turned on at once, like maybe by other flows. Then your flow would get triggered a lot of times in a very short period of time. Homey will then disable that flow as it runs too often (there is some quota limits for safty reasons, to prevent flows going frenzi).

Conclusion: If you want it to work reliable, single flows per light are the best bet actually.