Message when light comes on

Hello to the community, I have now searched for a long time and found nothing. I would like to have a flow which tells me when a light is turned on or off in a certain room. Without motion detectors or the like. Can someone give me a tip?

– (Light) Turned on
– Notification: “Light is turned on”

– (Light) Turned off
– Notification: “Light is turned off”

Hi fantross, I don’t want to have to dial every single light. I would like to query every single light in a room that is declared as a light. I would also have andvanced flow.

That’s not what you asked for. So next time please provide a little more and precise information. Thank you.

As far as I know, there is no way to query multiple lamps with only one trigger card like “This zone became active” based on lamps, maybe with a Homey script. And the mentioned flows can be converted 1:1 into an Advanced Flow.

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Hello, I’m sorry if it was asked incorrectly… am not quite fluent in English and always have it translated. OK I think you answered it but that it does not go so with flow but possibly with a homey script. I will deal with Homey Script. Thanks anyway for your answer…

You can make a request to developer Arie in this topic

Like, for zones, this card is already present:
Screenshot from 2023-03-14 15-02-12

Maybe he can create a similar card but then like “When a [device_class] in [zoneName] went [on|off]”

Hi Peter_Kawa, yes with this it works for me! Great :pray: the lights i want to check is a Group of different devices! see attached screenshot

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You can put all the lights in a room into a group using the <group> app. Works fine.

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Just make sure to set it so groups on/off is set to “on when any lights are on”. Rather then on when all lights are on.

Yeah, I thought of that as well later on :laughing: