Turn on lights that already on

I have around 20 “windowlights” in my house.

Early in the morning some of those lights turns on by a flow.
Later I turn all my lights with another flow that uses to turn on all 20 lamps.
But when that flow runs it turns of the lamps that already on.
What am I doing wrong ?

Ur not showing the flows.

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Most likely you are not turning them on but toggle them in your flow.
Meaning: Lights that are on are turned off and lamps that or off are turned on.

Most likely yes. But that would show when flows are posted here so we don’t have to guess aye?

Doesn’t mean I am not allowed to answer, does it?
I am just trying to be helpful.


Wasn’t meant that way m8, sorry.

Here is the first flow.

Here is the one that I trigger from a virtual device, it turns on all lights

Could you post the flow where you turn them off?

It sure sounds strange.

Does Groventre turn off immediately when you run the second flow to turn on all the lights, or does it happen some time after?
It almost sounds and look like you turn off the light in Groventre in another flow that you might not noticed or if that light only toggles. What kind of light is it?

Have you tried making a flow that turns on that light and test run that flow multiple times?