Less events to choose from

Hi there!

I was wondering why I seem to have a lot less events to choose from when creating flows. Do you need Homey pro and advanced flows or has it got something to do with settings? Please view the screenshot to see what I mean.

No need to say I’m a very new user :joy:

Thanks for your help!

Can you tell us what Homey model you have, and what you’d like to accomplish? The more info you provide, the more likely you get a pointer :wink:

And please tell us if you are the admin/owner of homey or, for example, ‘just’ a guest.


  • Alarms are Homey Pro only,
  • as WAS Audio and Speech (Only Homey (Pro) 2016 -2019 models)
    On Homy Pro you can enable Power User to get System.

So indeed, Homey subscription (Cloud) has less…

Sorry for the bad information.
I am the owner, yes. I have Homey bridge with a premium subscription.

Thank you for your help. I thought it might be the fact I don’t have pro.