LED strip faster delay


I’m looking into the possibility to add a LED strip/controller on every step of my stair. I want when a sensor detects movement downstairs the LEDs go on from bottom to top with 0.3 seconds delay and the other way around when movement has been detected upstairs. (Chasing Christmas light effect :-))

Now the problem; Homey only allows full seconds as a delay, how can I fix this?


You get control units for such lighting effects. Speed and duration are mostly adjustable. The lighting effect is started by motion sensors at the top and bottom of the stairs. Depending on the number of steps the costs are about approx. 300 - 600 €, the LEDs are needed in addition (German store).
The motion sensors to start the control unit may be realizable with Homey, the stair lighting probably not.
Or do you already have an idea how to realize this with Homey (except the delay)?

Thanks for the reply. My first thought was to order mi-light controllers from our good Chinese friends and then use 2 Aqara motion sensors, 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs. So:

-> when motion is detected downstairs
-> start controller 1 (= stair 1)
–> start controller 2 with 0.3s delay
–> start controller 3 with 0.6s delay
–> …

And another flow upside down when motion is detected upstairs. Perhaps I’ll have to HomeyScript something…

Sure, in theory it would work, but you need for each LED strip LED device.
But I’m not familiar with the devices of Mi, which mi-light controller do you mean exactly?
And the delay is with HomeyScript doable?

First hit on Ali: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/32971977210.html
I’m not sure if it would work with HomeyScript, that’s why I made the topic :slight_smile:

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Ok, I looked only into the apps and found nothing suitable.
I’m really interested to see if you get something made up.

Yep, something like this, but with full LED strips underneath every step and connected to Homey. The setup with i.e. 20 controllers will work perfect but 1 second flow delay is too slow, maybe when I’ll be 80 years old 1 second will be fast enough for each step :stuck_out_tongue:.

Still curious what u wanna automate on fully automated stairs lights. If u wanna know when someone goes up or down u can attach a Fibaro Smart Implant to both sensors.

I want to add RGB strips, don’t think it’s possible with your suggestion? And with the connection through Homey I’m not limited to just the lights going on and off, for example when the wife’s home alone I want the lights to go pink or when the cat is going up the stairs I maybe don’t need any light at all…
I don’t see transition time in the Magic Home WiFi LED controller app, that could’ve been a solution.