Hue automation: is Homey significantly slower than HomeKit?

Now that I finally purchased Advanced Flows, I tried to move a complicated HomeKit integration (5 different rules) into a single (Homey) Advanced Flow. Basically this is automating lights on a staircase in a dark area of my house (no windows). It is based on a Hue motion sensor and Hue lightbulb on floor x and a Hue motion sensor and Hue lightbulb on floor x+1. This worked pretty good using HomeKit (turning on/off lights when I go up/down), but with Homey I notice that I have made way more steps on the staircase before the lights turn on/off.

Is Homey significantly slower than HomeKit for automating Hue?

Homey uses polling for the status of Hue sensors/lights, which means it will periodically have to check the Hue hub for status changes (as opposed to hub notifying Homey that a status has changed, which it supports but Athom hasn’t implemented for some unknown reason).

I think the polling interval for sensors is 2 seconds (which to me would be unacceptable).

A workaround would be to directly pair your sensors with Homey using the “Hue, without the bridge” app.

Unfortunate, but totally explains the observed behaviour. Thanks!

I’m considering reverting this particular automation to HomeKit…