Led bulb with G9 socket

Does anyone know if there is a light bulb with a G9 socket that can be connected to homey (light bulb talking directly to the hub)

Afaik there isn’t. Probably it’s just too small to house the extra electronics.
However, if the fixture has enough space, search for “g9 to e14 converter” so you can use smart E14 bulbs.

There are Tuya-powered G9’s available:

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Maybe the same as above but no app. Maybe Tuya.

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Nice! Didn’t know yet :grimacing:

It is

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Found this thread as I had the same question for g9 lamps. Just moved not an apartment that has a few g9 fittings.
Just wondering if anyone has used them with honey successfully before I buy them, and what app you use to control them.
If you’ve used any other G9 lamps it’d be good to know too.