Try to understand tuya comptebillity but i cantt

I serch the forun but didnt understand what is supported…
Lets say this bulb
Will work?

US $28.70 33%OFF | Lonsonho ZigBee 3.0 Tuya Smart Led Lamp Bulb Light E27 220V RGB+W+C Works with Smartthings Echo Plus Hub Alexa Google Home

[APP] Tuya Zigbee App - Apps - Homey Community Forum (

and start reading :grinning:

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Oh this is good
So most of tuya devices are supported as it seems
Thanks again!!

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no problem

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i have another qustion
i see that e27 bulb are supported

" RGB Bulb E27

  • _TZ3000_dbou1ap4 / TS0505A (Lidl)"

but how do i know wich one ? or any e27 who connectd to the tuya app ?
cuz thay have a lot of manufacture
and some zigbee and some wifi
how can i know ?

and some zigbee and some wifi

The name of the app is…


And start reading

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ok once again thankyou for the help!!

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No problem again :grinning:

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For wifi-products, you can use the Tuya-cloud app. Install the products in the Tuya- or SmartLife-smartphone app, and then use the homey-app Tuya-cloud for connecting the tuya wifi-products in Homey. In this way I have connected the LSC-bulbs (action).

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I am waiting for my zigbee lights to arrive
I hope it is easy as it sound to pair them as u say

hi again :smiley:

so my zigbee lights has arrived
i try to use tuya app but i cant seem to understand it…

when i try to install the tuya test i get error message:

" An unkown error has occured [incompatible_app_version]"

what version do i need ?

That means ur running Homey version 4.2.x and the app needs at least Homey version 5.x.x which is still in beta/experimental. Or the other way around.

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I alreasy sigend up for beta in google store
But how to update to version 5.x.x.x?

turn experimentel on here

then in the homey app go to more---->settings---->updates

And just to be sure, and i know told before… there is a search function

Ya u did said before, u r nor wrong :slight_smile:
but uselly whan i serch i cant find specific answer to what i am needed
however i try to post less new posts and use more serch

But i have no update available
And im sure im sigend as beta tester

Ohhh i missed the signed up for experimental
Feel like a fool

Updating now :slight_smile:

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btw its recognized my bulb as default zigbee device and not as specifec e27 bulb and let me control its color…only on and off
can i try to do somthing to fix it ?